Product Label Design in Perth

For this recent print run, we managed the product label design for our client Goan Cuisine.

These labels were designed and created here at Label Image. Bobby the original owner and creator of the sauces had a passion for the good things in life and this is reflected in the sauces that he lovingly brought to life.

Bobby was one of our most valued and charming clients who would bring us treats of fresh mango and chilli powder, a combination of flavours that went perfectly together. Sadly Bobby passed away but his legacy lives on in many homes at meal-time.

The label shows that this is an artisan product and not to be confused with a regular off the shelf sauce. The dense black ink against the vibrant iridescent colour and the gold logo is very simplistic in its design but also very eye catching. The material used is Silver Synthetic which gives the colours their iridescence and a matt laminate which gives the finished overall style to the entirety of the label.

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Product Label Design in Perth