About Us

Label Image, located in Osborne Park, Perth, Western Australia, is an innovative label printing service company dedicated to providing high quality label printing. Through the years our network has grown to provide to all kinds of industries nationwide, giving us extensive experience in providing labels to any industry we encounter. Australian owned and founded, Label Image has been consistently serving local and interstate businesses for over 35 years.

Label Image provides high quality labels suitable for a huge range of products and services and with a capable roster of in-house graphics designers. They can customise and assist you in all your sticker and label packaging needs to give you a distinct look for your product. Their experience in label design and placement will assist you in getting the best value for your packaging cost, as well as making it easy to maximize the impact the label has on the visibility of your product.

We can also provide a range of digitally printed labels, which are high quality, smaller quantity runs intended on providing the best possible quality of label to an exclusive product. We can provide both small digital label runs, as well as long traditional volume runs with ease.

Moreover we can provide advice regarding printed labels that are fitted into label printers for overprinting, label applicators which will allow you to do  barcoding for retail products or special fruit labeling for products intended for sale at a supermarket and more. With an experienced roster of in-house graphic artists, we are able to provide advice on the process from the start to the finish, ensuring that you get exactly the label you need.

If you were looking for label printers, applicators, printers for overprinting, barcode scanners or scale printers, we provide all of them for a competitive price.