RW2020 Automatic Label Rewinder

Automatic Label Rewinder / Unwinder (External)
RW2020 - Easy external label rewinder / Unwinder that will suit all your desktop label printers.
Can also be used as an unwind unit. No maintenance required.
Manufacturer: LABEL IMAGE

Tired of rolling labels from a desktop printer by hand?  Especially if you print large label batches which require an person to manually wind a roll of printed labels...  Its time for you to buy one of these Automatic External Label Rewinders to save you both time and effort.

The unit is easy to use, maintenance free and uncomplicated.  Moreover, the unit can be used for desktop printers which require a larger roll to unwind.

Comes presently with 3" (76mm) core attachment, and has tension and speed adjustment.  The Label Rewinder also comes with an aluminium roll guide, as well as a unit handle to make alignment with the label printer easy.  You do not need to bolt or screw the unit down.  Just align your label roll path by hand and you are ready to go

During operation, the unit keeps up a constant tension on the Barcode Label Rewinder unit, to keep the rolls tight and straight.  If the rolls are flabby, simply increase the rewinding speed or increase the spring tension have a good straight roll.

To see a video of the automatic External Label Rewinder running on a Zebra Desktop Barcode Label Printer

The unit can also double up as an Automatic Label Printer Unwinder for large rolls of labels that are to be fitted for small desktop printers.  This would minimize the time to load and unload rolls of labels.


Input Voltage: 110-240VAC (12VDC adaptor included)

Max Rewinding Speed: 200mm per second

Max Outside Diameter: 210mm

Size of Unit: 260mm x 250mm x 230mm

Weight: 5kg

Label Width Range: 25-125mm (for larger width, you can wind smaller rolls)


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