Asset Tracking Systems make it simple to manage your business' valuable assets - from software and fixed IT assets, to vehicles, tools, medical devices and more. Instantly locate your assets, eliminate time spent searching for missing items, and stop unnecessarily replacing lost assets.

Here at Label Image, we provide a full-featured, user friendly, server based multi-site and multi-user solution which will enable you to have a solution. These solutions are optimised for small to medium sized company, from 3 to 150 employees. They are easy to use, well designed, simple to understand. Much the features would rival expensive software solutions which could cost more than tens of thousands of dollars.

The general solution that we provide includes on-line help and support, training videos, as well as a very intuitive design, which makes learning the system quick and easy.

Moreover, we can provide you with a trial version of each of the software for you to try. For a proper installed product demonstration, please send us an email or call us for an appointment.

  • The licenses of each software are classified into 3 levels:
      1. Standard - Single PC user situation
      2. Professional - Generally up to 5 PC users
      3. Enterprise - Generally unlimited users*


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Asset Tracking Solution


Wasp MobileAsset V6 Pro,5-PC User,...

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