Can You Print a Photograph Quality Label or Have a Full Colour Photograph on the Design of the Label?


Yes. In printing, we call this printing using process colours. Process colours consist the primary additive colours of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Through these four colours, we can print life like photographs and pictures. Therefore to print full colour, this is synonymous to printing 4 colours.

However, there are limitations relating to CMYK Process colour printing, in that they cannot print the full range of all visible colours. Colours such as violet, orange and brown are mostly estimates in CMYK process printing. This is especially for some corporate logos which has a more defined or 'Spot' colours. Note with CMYK process colour, it is almost impossible to produce pearlescent, metallic or flourescent colours.

Another method to produce low volume photographic quality labels is to have the labels printed using our digital label press solution. With digital technology, small runs of labels can be produced without the need to pay high setup cost and prices. Setup cost such as negatives and plates are no longer needed for digitally printed labels. Usually with runs from 1 to 500, it would usually be more economical to run the labels digitally.

Another related topic is about finishing such as Gloss, Matt or Satin. This topic will be discussed in another area.


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