How Do I Get More Out of My Printing Budget?

printing budget

There are multiple ways to reduce stress, costs and otherwise make ordering labels an easy and streamlined process. Here are some easy tips to help you get the most value and efficiency out of the process.

  1. Plan your order well in advance

    This may seem like a really obvious tip however many businesses have contacted us with late notice requiring labels urgently, often rushing the process, spending more for express and increasing the possibility of errors.

    For labels, as for many things, starting early is best. It gives more time to proof and double check designs, reduces pressure on yourself and us and allows the artist to have more time to be creative and to improve the design. Planning ahead is beneficial for both you and us.

  2. Preferrably use the in-house graphic service in preference to type-setting and design services

    This is more often a speed and compatibility issue as communication between printers and in-house graphic designers is instantaneous and the graphic designer knows exactly what they are double checking and proofing when they inspect the completed runs.

    Feedback is improved as the designer knows exactly what the label is meant to look like down to the small details.

    Format delays, where incompatible formats or incorrect formats are sent and there is a delay when it needs to be resent can be avoided by dealing directly with our in-house designers.

    However, if you still prefer to go with an independent graphic artist be sure that they are knowledgeable of the printing industry and can take the necessary precautions when dealing with the printing format.

  3. Order large quantities

    One of the biggest factors attributing to cost of printing is the preparation. Setting up the press, making negatives, plates, mixing inks and getting the print job ready is time consuming and difficult.

    Ordering large quantities helps us to be more efficient and save time. It also spares you from having to repeatedly pay set-up costs associated with label printing.

    You will be amazed at the amount of savings you can get from one large print run compared to two or three smaller orders in a year. 

  4. Print items that share similar colours, diecutter sizes and materials

    If you have multiple varieties, we encourage you to purchase similar labels together particularly if they are of same colour, diecutter shape and/or material. This helps us to give you a better price as the setting up and changing isn’t as extensive between variety.

  5. Keep the number of colours and variety changes to a minimum

    Keeping variety changes to a minimum speeds up the press and the less colours in the design the more affordable it will be and the easier it will be to set-up.

    At Label Image we can help discuss the balance between colour and time if you are unsure however.

  6. Use standard colours/inks whenever possible

    When choosing spot colours, try to select standard colours or easy mixes. Difficult mixes of colours will incur extra costs due to their complexity.

    If you want to know what are easy mix colours, simply ask us!

  7. Use standard diecutter sizes that are part of your printers diecutter inventory

    At Label Image, you will save up to 50% of the manufacture cost when you use one of our standard diecutters.

    This means considerable savings in your pocket. For special shaped labels, there will be a once-off extra charge incurred in its manufacture.



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