What Do I Need to Consider for Label Design?

Example: David Smith has five glass bottles, of which two measures 330ml, three measures 750ml each. He has many different options to consider in designing his packaging.

Questions to help decide his label needs:

  • Colours
    • How many colours do I want for each bottle of product?
    • Can all five product packaging share the same colours across the board?
    • If not, can they share some common colours, with one different colour per bottle of product?

Best scenario:

For a 4-colour process print work - with the changing information printed in black or cyan or magenta.



Add one extra spot colour on top of 4 colour process print - with the changing information printed in the different spot colour chosen for each bottle of product.

*Rule of thumb: Keep the number of different colours printed to a minimum if possible.

  • Sizes
    • Do I want a back and front label for each bottle? (This option may cost more if the back and front labels are in different sizes)
    • If not, can a single wrap around label do for each bottle? (This option is more economical compared to above)
    • If yes, can they all share one single size wrap around label? If not, can I device two separate size wrap around label for the 330ml and 750ml?
    • Special shape labels require special shape diecutters that cost more than the more popular rectangle, round, and oval diecutter shapes. However, this is only a once-off cost.

Most cost-effective/savings scenario:

If bottle sizes allow, he can use one label size for all five bottles.


Two different label size for two different bottle sizes.

Worst case/costly option:

Five different label sizes and shapes.

*Rule of Thumb: Keep the number of different size and shape diecutters to a minimum if possible.



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