How Do I Approach Artwork and Design?


In order to create a good label it is important to determine the size and shape required to successfully fulfill its intended function prior to the design stage of your label.

How to do this is to assess what the function of the label is and how you aim to achieve that goal. It's best done by considering the following:

    • Surface the label is going to cover (or the surface of the packaging)
    • Rough shape of the label
    • Colour
    • Rough design

At label Image, we have in-house graphic designers who are more than happy to help guide you through the process to find a suitable sized label once you have finalized your packaging.

If you wish to use an existing label design we can create your labels in accordance with your previous products to maintain consistency among your product line.

If you have any further queries regarding design, please contact us for assistance and advice.



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