Date/Batch Coder

Variable Information Package Marking Printer
HP TIJ 2.5 Technology
Prints Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date, Serial No., Batch No., Static Image, Logo etc.
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NANOJET Packaging Inkjet is mainly used for packaging to print production date, staff numbers, product labels, etc.

Main customers are production factories

Printing Applications 

  • Food Industry (e.g. outer paper packaging of mineral water bottle, outer carton packaging of drinks, wine bottles, cookies and packed food, etc.)
  • Building Materials Industry (e.g. print on various density board, joinery board, solid board, asbestos board, wood floor, etc.)
  • Other Industries (e.g. print on paper label of bottle - wine bottle, medicine bottle, packaging boxes)
  • PVC card


  • Take HP TIJ 2.5 tech, single print height can reach 12.7mm
  • Small in size, zero maintenance and easy operate
  • Stand-along printer, controlled by remote controller, message stored in U-disk
  • High resolution, max can be 600 x 600 dpi to ensure good print quality
  • Inner built-in simple date and numeric template
  • Print speed can reach 304m/min, can totally meet the demand of various production lines
  • Visiable editing online system, any modification (move, add, cancellation) are all available on printer directly
  • Super files management system, can save last print files automatically
  • Diverse substrates including porous packaging material, copperplate paper, offset paper and so on
  • Display screen can rotate and separate from printer, more adaptable for the production line
  • Anti-collision designed to protect the printer when platform shocks
  • Flash spray is available to avoid the ink plug and the print head
  • The warning light lets the operator see the status of printer clearly

Software Features

  • Can print static image, variable database, text, counter and dates so user can choose different styles based on their requirements
  • Compatible with all language characters as long as the operation system supports the characters (especially supports Japanese characters)
  • Inner built special symbols
  • Supports editing function of rotating and scaling
  • No limitation for content size and lines
  • Data and counter format can be edited freely
  • File management system memorises last print file automatically
  • Preview function allows for visible content editing - information can be modified on the printer directly 

Printing Objects

  • Supports printing of character, image, numeric, special symbol, fixed barcode, dynamic date & time, sequence number, etc. in any language
  • Supports bitmap fonts printing, saving cost for enterprise
  • Support multiple text files, pictures and dates printing
  • Print high-definition content with high resolution and high quality



114 mm L x 88 mm W x 103 mm H



Print Resolution & Speed

600 x 600 dpi (30 m/m)

600 x 300 dpi (60 m/m)

600 x 150 dpi (120 m/m)

300 x 600 dpi (30 m/m)

300 x 300 dpi (60 m/m)

300 x 150 dpi (120 m/m)

300 x 600 dpi (high-speed mode) (60 m/m)

300 x 300 dpi (high-speed mode) (120 m/m)

300 x 150 dpi (high-speed mode) (304 m/m)

Ink Supply System

Ink Cartridge or Bulk Ink


Supports External Sensors

(NPN Sensor, Contact Sensor)


Supports fixed speed input & 300 PPI encoder

Power Supply

Single Phase, AC 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz

Working Environment

Temperature 10oC ~ 35o C

Humidity 10% ~ 80%

 Storage Environment

Temperature -15oC ~ 85o C

Humidity 5% ~ 95%

No Condensation Environment



Operating System

Windows XP

Static Object

Static Text, Image & Fixed Barcode

Dynamic Text

Supports ASCII Character (Max:127)


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