Industrial Label Printers

Usually used in industrial environment. Tend to be for high volume label (barcode) printing applications. 

Desktop Label Printers

Low volume applications. These Zebra printers can still print barcodes and courier labels for your daily office needs. We have both Zebra and Intermec brands to choose from.

Mobile Printers

For applications requiring the user to be moving around. Zebra has a dedicated mobile printer for your warehouse mobile barcode printing applications.

Full-Coloured Label Printers

These label printers uses special inkjet technologies

Scale-Label Printers

Specialised label printers with a Retail Scale for the mean and pre-pack industry e.g. ACOM NETS 15

RFID Printers

Special Zebra Barcode label printers with RFID programming abilities. (RFID) Radio frequency identification chips on the labels are programmed through the barcode printer as the printer prints the human readable codes simultaneously.


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