At Label Image, we can print all your barcode labels with sequential barcode numbering, that is used in product identification, inventory control, as well as library ISDN identification or Asset Label tracking.  We can print your logo for easy asset identification, or security functions which will provide authentication of your property to minimize theft.

Asset labelling is also popular for off-site and multi-site asset identification, as well as equipment tracking for regular preventive maintenance schedule control as well as for accounting purposes.

You may even provide us with an entire excel spreadsheet database, and we can print out all your barcode labels according to your specified notations and styles.

Another common application for sequential barcode labels is for field marking for long term equipment such as parts and tools used in mining, individual parts identification of pipes buried underground, or computer equipment for schools or health institutions.  printed and labelled for identification of equipment, assets or location (e.g. Pallet) marking and ID.

We can print barcodes (but not limited to) the following symbologies:


Note that we can quote you sequential metal barcode plates for asset tagging as well which are generally used for mining equipment that are meant for long term outdoor use.

Above all, we can provide you a full software solution,  that will help you create a full database of Assets, Print out your own Asset Labels / Tags and Use a mobile personal data terminal device to go around entering or counting your assets.

Being an Authorise Reseller of this software, we can organise a demonstration of the entire package or do a presentation to help you understand this multi-faceted software better.

Please look under Asset Tracking Solution,  we have a range of software possibilities from 1 to 150 users.

For more information with barcode scanners as a full system, please do not hesitate to call us.



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